Birth Plan : General Anaesthetic Cesarean

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Before I became pregnant, I was always quite determined I would have a natural birth and do everything myself. Then as soon as I saw the two red lines on the test, reality struck and I realised there was more to consider than just myself.

At our first meeting with our consultant, he asked me if I had thought about my options for the birth. I think he was judge how realistic I was being after chatting through some of my health conditions. I told him I imagined I would have a cesarean and I would probably be asleep during it. He smiled at me and said he agreed and then we both discussed the reasons for this. I have a muscular condition which causes scoliosis (which is a curvature of the spine) and as my spine is not straight, this means they cannot give me an epidural. I also have problems with my hips and giving birth naturally would probably be impossible!

A cesarean section that is done under general anaesthetic is usually only done in an emergency situation. All Mums that I have spoken to who had one under general anaesthetic were in emergency situations and it was not at all planned. You do not see these types of births on One Born Every Minute, but I really wish you did. I think all types of births should be on the TV as the reality is – anyone could end up in that situation. As someone who is in the very slim percentage of women having this type of birth due to a medical condition, I really wish I could find more information on my birthing situation in the baby magazine given to me by the NHS, the baby books and even online.

I am almost completely at ease with the plan my consultant has made for me. I will say that it took me a few weeks to accept the reality that I will not be awake for the birth of my baby but I know that this is more so my own selfishness. One of the reasons I accepted this type of birthing plan quicker than what I thought I would, was the reassurance my consultant has given me. Nothing was a problem that we discussed and he looked into every one of my concerns and has covered more than what I had even thought of myself. If I didn’t have this trust in the professionals that will be looking after me then I think this would be a much different situation. The only thing that matters is that baby comes out safely and is not at risk. I just feel sorry for my husband who will have to wait outside the theatre until we both come out! I’m sure the wait will feel like a lifetime but it will all be worth it in the end!

Please let me know your experience if you had an emergency cesarean or the same plan that I have, I would love to hear from you!


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