Finding Out We Were Pregnant!

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Our little journey began a week before Christmas. I had a feeling something felt different before my period was due and then when I missed the first few days of it I was almost certain. It was over a weekend so the pharmacy I wanted to get a test from was closed on a Sunday. We got the test on the Monday. I told my husband not to buy the cheapest ones and not to buy the most expensive ones. He came back with an Answer test and I was happy that there were two tests in it. I don’t think he thought I was being serious but I was nervous taking it. My body had felt different for a few days (sore boobs and tummy cramps) and with a missed period it all seemed to add up. I took the test and quite quickly the two red lines appeared. Of course I did the typical ritual I think most people do and checked the packaging to see if that was definitely meant to mean pregnant. Feeling a tad shell shocked I took the second test and it too came up positive pretty quickly. The lines weren’t faint either, which is something I know happens to a lot of people, I felt grateful that this was another sign we were definitely pregnant. I thought in the bathroom for a few seconds. Obviously we all watch those cute videos of people telling their other halves they were pregnant with a surprise gift or something, but in that moment I just wanted him to be a part of this news. It didn’t have to be cute and caught on camera – it just had to be between us. I came out and I think I said something to the effect of, “It’s positive, we’re having a baby” to which my husband replied, “No, you’re lying”. Not the response I was hoping for but being quite the joker in my family, I can see why he thought I might be winding him up. After showing him the tests (and him checking the instructions too as if we didn’t know how a pregnancy test worked) we finally sat down and began to ponder the thought of having a baby. It never crossed my mind that the moment we found out we were pregnant would be sheer disbelief. We had just been married a few months and decided if something was going to happen then it would happen – and it did! It took a few days for the news to sink in and we kept it to ourselves for a few weeks. I liked having that little secret just between us. The first thing we did was buy the book Pregnancy & Birth – Everything you need to know by Dr Mary Steen to answer some of the many questions I had, but I didn’t really buy anything else in the first few weeks. I did force myself to write in my new diary every day just to document how I was feeling and mark special events.

Since we found out I’ve been so grateful. There haven’t been any major problems and the baby seems healthy which is all we could ask for. I thought this was an appropriate first post as it was the moment we found out we were going to be a little family of 3!


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